WIMAR SG, in association with the Singapore Exchange and moderated by SmarterMarkets Host, David Greely, invited leading carbon market practitioners from governmental organizations and natural resource industries to share their expertise on the opportunities and challenges present in policy, technology, finance and market structure to power the VCM’s impact on global emissions reduction.

Opening Remarks: Amreeta Eng, Enterprise Singapore

Amreeta Eng, Executive Director Trade of Enterprise Singapore, opened the event highlighting Singapore’s role in the global challenge to fight climate change. Eng shared Singapore’s vision of being the primary destination in Asia for carbon services expertise and the trusted regional marketplace for carbon credits.

Panel Discussion: Voluntary Carbon Markets in the Road to Net Zero

David Greely sits down with BP’s Sue Helen Nieto, Trafigura’s Hannah Hauman and Anne Casamento of Anglo American to explore the practical reality of how companies are (or are not) using the voluntary carbon markets to help meet their net zero goals. The conversation also examines the opportunities and challenges of both the natural resource and mining industries in decarbonization and making a career transition into carbon services.

Panel Discussion: Using Law, Finance and Technology to Scale Voluntary Carbon Markets

Macquarie’s Leah Wieczorek-Bauer, HFW’s Peter Zaman, Tom Enger of Climate Impact X and Founder of Watr Protocol, Maryam Ayati, sit down with David Greely to discuss the current state of the voluntary carbon market across law, finance, and technology. The conversation explores what each of these fields need from each other and current frustrations present across their interdependencies. The panel closes by highlighting expanding career opportunities in carbon solutions and insights on how to take advantage of them.

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