Catherine Flax, President of Private Markets, X Machina Capital Strategies

We wrap up The Future of Energy this week with Catherine Flax, President of Private Markets at X Machina Capital Strategies. David Greely sits down with Catherine to discuss transforming today’s oil and gas assets and energy market infrastructure to meet the needs of a more sustainable energy future. Hosted By

Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman of S&P Global and Author of “The New Map”

We continue The Future of Energy this week by welcoming Pulitzer Prize winning author Daniel Yergin back into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Daniel is Vice Chairman of S&P Global and author of the bestselling book The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations, as well as the Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Prize: The […]

Josh Crumb on Engineering the Energy Transition

Josh Crumb, Founder and CEO of Abaxx Technologies joins us on the podcast for the first time as we conclude our three-part mini-series on the energy industry’s transition to a renewable future. Prior to Abaxx, Mr. Crumb was a co-founder of Goldmoney Inc. and has served as its Chief Strategy Officer and Director since 2014, […]

Ranting on the inadequacies of our systems and riffing on ideas for how to solve them …

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