Dan Basse, Founder & President, AgResource Company

For the second installment of our Setting Course series, we welcome Dan Basse, Founder and President of AgResource Company, into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Dan to discuss what’s happening in the agricultural and grains markets – and to what extent climate change and decarbonization are creating an agricultural transition alongside […]

Hannah Hauman, Global Head of Carbon Trading, Trafigura

What can we extract from traditional commodity markets to standardize and scale our carbon markets? On our third installment of the SmarterMarkets™ Summer Playlist, we catch up with Trafigura’s Global Head of Carbon Trading, Hannah Hauman, diving into the vital role of supply chain managers and trading companies in helping manage risk and ensuring carbon […]

Ranting on the inadequacies of our systems and riffing on ideas for how to solve them …

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