Reid Morrison, Global Energy Advisory Leader at PwC

For the penultimate episode of ‘An Energy Transition in Three Corresponding Acts’, host David Greely, Abaxx Chief Economist at Abaxx, is joined by Reid Morrison, Global Energy Advisory Leader, NetZero and ESG, and Global Client Partner at PwC. As the world’s economies begin to reopen and embrace the post-pandemic era, the energy industry is at […]

Jacquelyn Horton, Dropbox Foundation, Dropbox for Good

On part four of our five-part series on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG economy, Michelle Dennedy will sit down with Jacquelyn Horton, Social Impact and Sustainability Manager at Dropbox for a fascinating exchange on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG Economy. Jacquelyn manages the Dropbox Foundation, Dropbox for […]

Jeff Currie on New Technologies and Finding a Price for Carbon

A superb, hour-long discussion with Commodity Legend, Jeff Currie. This episode sheds light on the politics and market issues facing the investment community in committing fully to renewable energy technologies. Jeff’s commentary helps listeners understand the difficulties in pricing carbon, and why a carbon price is crucial to advancing ESG standards. He delves into the […]

Ranting on the inadequacies of our systems and riffing on ideas for how to solve them …

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